A brick for Offissa Pupp

pure poetry by Jim LeCuyer

Publisher: Floating Island Publications in Point Reyes Station, Calif

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Statementby Jim LeCuyer.
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  And let's be perfectly sure about something else. Even if Offissa Pupp should go crazy and start chasing Krazy, and even if Krazy should go crazy and start chasing Ignatz, and even if crazy Krazy should swallow crazy Ignatz and crazy Offissa Pupp should swallow crazy Krazy and it was the millennium -- there'd still be the brick. Krazy Kat is a comic strip created by cartoonist George was published daily in newspapers between and It first appeared in the New York Evening owner, William Randolph Hearst, was a major booster for the strip throughout its run. The Krazy Kat characters were introduced in another Herriman strip The Dingbat Family. The phrase "Krazy Kat" originated there. In "Krazy & Ignatz," there is a strip from Aug. 16, , in which Krazy and Offissa Pupp contemplate a brick. Dog explains to Cat that "a wonderful thing is a Brick," and while Ignatz eyes them. Pupp: Yes? Ignatz: And I made a good resolution, scratched the jug three times, and here I am - Ostrich: What was the good resolution, "Ignatz"? Owl: Yes, wot was it? [[Krazy walks into the circle of "people", out of breath, everybody looks at a brick next to Ignatz]] Dog: Oh Duck: Ha Pupp: Huh Krazy: "Oh, helloi "Ignatz" I'm so gled you are safe -.

1 drawing on layered paper: ink with scraping out over graphite underdrawing ; sheet x cm. | Eight-panel cartoon shows Krazy Kat leaning over to greet a worm and thereby missing a brick hurled by Ignatz Mouse. Ignatz berates the worm for causing him to miss and carries a sign reading: "Unfair Worm." Krazy Kat goes walking with a small umbrella which proves inadequate when a storm.   Books Bookshelf The Best Comic Strip of the 20th Century who loves a white, brick-throwing mouse named Ignatz, and a police dog named Offissa Bull Pupp. Krazy, however, loves having her head creased with a brick thrown by Ignatz, because to Krazy it’s a sign of his love for her. So much for the plot. Here’s the allegory: Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pupp are society’s age-old antagonists—the rebel and the policeman. Ignatz is an anarchist. Pupp is our guardian of law and order.   as phone books -- your eye is inevitably drawn to all the cartoons The third character is "Offissa Pupp," a dog constable who. of bricks, hording of bricks, lying in wait for Krazy Kat, and.

Pupp Goes To Washington, D.C. by Wyeth and Thomas ( ) Karlovy Vary & Grandhotel Pupp () Tro Dino Masks & Pupp by Malcolm Whyte ( ) Jingle Belle #45 (PUPP) by DALE () A brick for Offissa Pupp by Jim Lecuyer () ADVENTURES OF PETER PUPP ().

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A Brick for Offissa Pupp. Pure Poetry. Paperback – January 1, by JIM. LECUYER (Author) out of 5 stars 4 ratings. See all 2 formats and editions Hide 3/5(4). A brick for Offissa Pupp [Jim Lecuyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying : Jim Lecuyer. Additional Physical Format: Online version: LeCuyer, Jim.

Brick for Offissa Pupp. Point Reyes Station, Calif.: Floating Island Publications, (Ann Arbor, Mich. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for A Brick for Offissa Pup at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(4).

Free Online Library: The "brick" that made a offissa out of "pupp".(TRAGIC STRIP, Cartoon) by "The Brooklyn Rail"; Arts, visual and performing Printer Frien, articles and books. Ignatz, with a parallel compulsion, loves hurling bricks at Krazy to the point of crazed addiction.

Enter the third actor, Offissa Pupp, who patrols Coconino County in the eternal pursuit of sin. Some signs hint that Pupp has eyes for Krazy, so Ignatz's brick tossing arouses the highest contempt within his law-abiding by-the-book s: 4.

This is when Offissa Pupp discovered his unrequited love for Krazy and made it his business to intercede in the ubiquitous brick-tossing episodes perpetrated by Ignatz. Offissa Pupp also served as a metaphor of order and authority, opposing the chaos represented by Ignatz.

Ignatz's plans to surreptitiously lob a brick at Krazy's head sometimes succeed; other times Officer Pupp outsmarts Ignatz and imprisons him. The interventions of Coconino County's other anthropomorphic animal residents, and even forces of nature, occasionally change the dynamic in unexpected ways.

Offissa Pupp, a police dog rounded out the main character triumvirate. He sought to protect Krazy Kat from Ignatz, sometimes preventing assaults, other times hauling the offender to his jail.

A brick for Offissa Pupp book the strip progress Offissa Pupp falls in love with Krazy. She swings back and forth, clicking her heels with each hit of a brick (still completely unseen by Pupp and Kwakk Wakk). Pupp picks up Krazy's tail and pushes the end of it like a doorbell or buzzer.

Ignatz reciprocated by throwing the brick at Krazy. Offissa Pupp, the dog, loved Krazy Kat, and would punish the sinful Ignatz by putting him in jail.

Herriman made these characters and many others into a strip that is hard to describe. It is considered to be one of the three most important comic-strips of all time.

Krazy LOVES Ignatz (pines for him) and since Ignatz only showers attention on Krazy in the form of a brick, Krazy has come to interpret this as an act of love.

If you see a little heart rising from Krazy's head after Ignatz "beans" Krazy's head, this is why. Three is of course more fun, and Offica Pupp makes the triangle s: 6.

Ignatz Mouse cannot help but throw a brick at Krazy Kat's head which tends to get him into trouble with Offissa Pupp. Herriman constantly finds clever ways to play with this scenario as you. Far from requiting that love, Ignatz persecutes Krazy by throwing bricks at him/her.

Krazy, however, takes these brick-blows as love-pats and resents the interference of Offissa Pupp. Klein's partial quote from Maltin's book was, " but it was a senseless story, throwing bricks, and that was the end of it." and causing them to rain down onto the head of Offissa Pupp.

The brick-throwing machine gun too is revealed, and Pupp looks ready to clobber Ignatz. The mouse looks him in the face and laughs musically at the police dog. Ignatz hurls a brick at Krazy Kat, who misinterprets it as an expression of love.

Author(s) George Herriman Cur. 1 drawing on layered paper: ink with scraping out over graphite underdrawing ; sheet 35 x cm. | Eight-panel cartoon shows Offissa Pup, the policeman, guarding Ignatz Mouse in jail. They sport competing signs, one reading "Unfair Jail," the other "Unfair Prisoner." When Offissa Pup realizes he is standing out in the rain, he joins Ignatz in jail.

Released from jail, Ignatz throws a brick. ODD FOR ARTS SAKE - Ignatz has a nightmare that Krazy brings him a new painting and while attempting to hang it, wrecks his NG CHANCE - If Ignatz Mouse is arrested for brick throwing once more, Offissa Pupp will arrest him for life.

Krazy taunts him into the fatal AL FITNESS - Ignatz, Krazy and Pupp trot off to the nearest gym for a workout. Offissa Pupp loves Krazy and attempts to protect him/her by throwing Ignatz in jail whenever he heaves his brick at Krazy. That is the basic storyline, on which Herriman wove endless variations.

The sparse comic shown here from Septem displays the relationship in its simplest form. Metadata; Title: Krazy Kat: Author: George Herriman: Date Published: - Monday Characters: Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Offissa Pupp.

The party of the third part, a canine policeman named Offissa Bull Pupp, regularly jails the mouse for assault and battery -- a reflection not only of the cop's penchant for law and order but also.

Offissa Pupp and Mrs. Kwakk Wakk are walking down the road, talking about one's own livelihood. On the way, they find Krazy sticking his head inside a small theater box. On the other side of the box, Ignatz the mouse is tossing bricks at Krazy's head but the cat appears to be enjoying it.

Offissa Pupp is the third component of the unusual love triangle that began with Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse. The evolution of this triangle was gradual, reaching its full bloom in the twenties, as Herriman began to focus on characterization more intensely.

This is when Offissa Pupp discovered his unrequited love for Krazy and made it his business to intercede in the ubiquitous brick-tossing. Gordie: Here's one of the all time great comic strips, nate: "Krazy Kat" By George Herriman.

"Krazy, who's in love with the brick-throwing ignatz mouse, is in turn loved by offissa pupp, the canine cop!" Nate: This artwork is cool. I like how the black backgrounds keep changing. Gordie: That's the kind of thing that can happen in comics. Created by cartoonist George Herriman, Krazy Kat depicts the unlikely love triangle of a cat, a mouse and a dog: Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse and Offissa Pupp.

Ignatz loves no one but poor Krazy calls him his lilrsquo ainjil and sees Ignatzrsquos flying bricks as symbols of the feisty mousersquos love. Offissa Pupp, a police dog rounded out the main character triumvirate. He sought to protect Krazy Kat from Ignatz, sometimes preventing assaults, other times hauling the offender to his jail.

As the strip progressed Offissa Pupp fell in love with Krazy Kat. For Krazy, however, the brick is proof that Ignatz cares: “L’il ainjil, he has rewarded my watchful waiting,” Krazy beams after being conked. The doggedly faithful Of­fissa Pupp, hopelessly in. Metadata; Title: Krazy Kat: Author: George Herriman: Date Published: - Wednesday Characters: Ignatz Mouse, Krazy Kat, Offissa Pupp.

1 drawing: India ink with scraping out over graphite underdrawing ; sheet x cm. | Four-panel cartoon shows Offissa Pupp congratulating Mrs. Kwakk Wakk, a duck, on her suggestion to Krazy Kat that he take Ignatz, the mouse along on his vacation to keep him company. When Pupp expresses surprise that Krazy would take the mouse, Mrs.

Kwakk Wakk explains that the mouse took Krazy. Ignatz dreams he is a brick toting marshal of the Old West. He has to face arch criminal Brickbats Brannigan in a fight to the finish.

Ignatz leads Krazy and Offissa Pupp in a madcap chase through a half finished building to avoid arrest on a framed brick tossing charge. SE35 - SERIES-OUS BUSINESS Ignatz decides to quit the Krazy Kat series and produce his own show.

He makes Offissa Pupp the fall guy.Other articles where Ignatz Mouse is discussed: George Herriman: the same: Krazy Kat loved Ignatz Mouse, but the malicious Ignatz would have none of it and took every opportunity to throw a brick at Krazy. The policeman Offissa Pupp tried to protect Krazy, often by putting Ignatz in jail.

The three principals were perpetually oblivious to each other’s actual.A digital library of classic comic strips, featuring Winsor McCay's Little Nemo and George Herriman's Krazy Kat.